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  • Case Name: Mobile App Development
  • Country: India
  • Client: Neeraj Gupta
  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Status: Published

Queue Management system is the solution to all the business chores. This tool simply rests you aside and performs all the activities like Controlling the customers, Managing the customer's details, Screen display of Numbers, Ticket System, Schedules Appointment, and much more.

Most importantly ease to your customers by setting Sending a Notification alert to your customers for the wait time. This software will increase 55% of work efficiency as well as reduces the workload of your Staff Members.
Qwaiting the best Queue Management System gives direction to your business by measuring the correct data and maintains information. As well as accelerate the efficiency to perform the task and improve customer satisfaction.

This software caters a queue management solution with an easy and innovative UI. This enables all the users to use our software with ease and efficiently.
Easy to access the online queue management system over the cloud with reporting, of multiple users.
Online queue system saves a lot of time of the customers however, increases the efficiency of the staff members
SMS notifications informs the customer about their queue number, estimated waiting time and the remaining time.
Generate reports about the efficiency and performance from the Queue Management System.
Being responsive in design the customers can use their mobile phones to view real-time queue data.

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